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Here are some of the positive comments we have received:

  • Thank you for coming to the foodbank in B urghfield today and bringing yet again a very generous collection from your school. I hope that you now know a little bit more about how the foodbank works to help people when they need it. Thanks again for your support, it is greatly appreciated

  • Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to your staff for a fantastic performance last night. The confidence and assurance of all the children was so impressive, so much so that it was hard to believe that they were Y 3 & 4, not Y 5 & 6. My son loved the whole experience and cried last night because it was the last time they were performing!

  • Well done MSM on another fantastic production, it was brilliant and so lovely to see the children shine - they clearly loved taking part and the singing and acting was amazing.  We will miss seeing the productions as that's our last one, but have enjoyed them over the years and appreciate how much time and effort that goes into them.

  • On behalf of Mortimer 2012 WI I would just like to say how wonderful it was to have some of your Year 6 pupils perform for us at the beginning of our Christmas meeting.  They played so well and they were a great credit to Mortimer St Mary's School. Throughout today I have received many compliments about their performance. We would also like to thank Mrs Masters, and her family,  for giving up their time to provide us with such a fantastic and memorable start to our evening. We do hope we can liaise again in the future.

  • I am so happy with my daughter's start to her new school. I have found all the staff very friendly and extremely dedicated to all the children.

  • Just thought you'd like to know how impressed I was with your children this evening. I don't know if all of the trick or treaters that visited Strawberry Fields tonight came from St Mary's but I would guess that most of them of that age do. This is our first year here and we had been told to expect loads of kids on Halloween. We gave out roughly 300 sweets and it was ridiculously busy but every child (without prompting) thanked us for the sweets and many wished us a good evening. None pushed or shoved and when there were only a few sweets left to give out, one girl (possibly Yr 5 or 6) suggested that the older children should allow the younger ones to have what was left. Without sounding gushy, it made me proud to be part of a community where children show such positive values and I look forward to the time when both of my children will be taught and guided by your staff.

  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff involved in the Year 6 PGL trip. My son really enjoyed his week away

  • My daughter has recently moved up from St Mary’s Mortimer to the Willink school and is loving every minute.  The first week has been full of smiles and enthusiasm, making new friends, a desire to take responsibility and get stuck into her new subjects.  I am hugely grateful to you and your teams for the effort put in to smoothing this transition.  Thank you for all the time and attention that has been put into making the students ready for Secondary.  What could have been frightening has been fun. Please pass on my regards to your teams.
  • Thank you for inviting me to talk at the Careers Fair yesterday, I found it a really rewarding experience, and the children were great. 
  • Thank you so much for organising the Year 4 trip yesterday [to the Gordon Brown OutdoorEducation Centre]. My daughter had an absolutely wonderful time and was full of everything she had learned. We're definitely going to have a go at pop corn in tin cans.  Thank you for all the hard work you put in to the trip, we know it is a big job!
  • I just wanted to thank you so much for taking Year 6 to The Houses of Parliament yesterday. My child said apart from PGL that was the best trip she’d ever been on and came home totally enthused.  She clearly had taken in all the information and relayed it all to us with much accuracy. She is really enjoying her final year at MSM and I want to thank you and your Year 6 teachers and helpers for continuing to keep the children stimulated and encouraging them to learn.
  • Please could you pass on our praise for the Christmas production last night?  We thought it was absolutely brilliant, both the singing and acting were wonderful.  We could see on their faces how much the children enjoyed doing it.  We know how much work our girls have put into it and know it will have been the same for everyone, including the teachers.  Please pass on our thanks to them too, for making this opportunity happen for our girls, it is much appreciated.
  • Thank you very much for inviting me as a prospective parent to take a look around your school. Mary and Rory,our school tour guides, were a credit to you and gave us a well informed synopsis of St Marys. Please on my thanks to them. I was very impressed and believe my daughter will be very happy there
  • I'd like to say congratulations and thank you for the Healthy Eating Week.  My child has thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, from the "Wakle Up, Shake Up" to the cooking, skipping ropes, making up their own PE games and everything else (too many to mention).  He's come home every day telling me about it and has thoroutghly enjoyed it.  Prior to cooking the tomato sauce he wouldn't eat peppers or courgettes, but is now going to make the sauce at home.
  • Thank you so much for all the time, effort, creativity, blood, sweat and tears you pour into the children at St Mary's.  We know you have to deal with a lot, from parents and politicians as well as the children, and we are grateful.  Thank you so much for our wonderful school.  We are blessed to have you. 
  • My child has come home today and has really enjoyed the trip to Reading visiting the Sikh Gurdwara. In her words "that was a great trip today".  She said the visit was very interesting and the food was delicious. Please pass on our thanks to representatives from the temple and the Y5 team for organising it
  • I would like to say how much I appreciate the weekly updates.  They enable me to understand what's happening and feel part of my child's education.  Also from a planning perspective they give me a little reminder to make sure I don't forget things.  Thank you.
  • I’m keen to let you know that I think St Mary’s is a fantastic, well run school.  I’m delighted that [my child] is aware that there are consequences if homework isn’t done and that she should tuck her shirt in and so on.  On the academic front, [her teacher] has inspired in her a love of learning which I am delighted about. I am so pleased with her progress, the support during ‘friendship issues’ and the opportunities the school has already given her.  I’m pleased we have a strong leader running our school who knows where she wants to take it.
  • Reading Targets Bookmarks - what a brilliant idea!  Has really helped focus our discussions and helped my child understand how to improve.  Handy to always have in the book.  Superb!
  • I just wanted to say a big, big thank you and well done for a fabulous Christmas production.  The children sang and acted brilliantly.  Wow – this will have taken some serious rehearsal!  Thank you for providing such a valuable and rewarding experience for my daughter.  I consider activities like this to be a really important part of education and I’m dismayed when I hear that other schools don’t consider this to be the case.  Keep up the excellent work.
  • As a first time parent at sports day I didn't know what to expect and just had to say I loved it!  Well done for getting so many children through so many events.  I thought the set-up was genius - celebrating success and talents without making the less athletic feel in any way inadequate.  The variety of activities gave everyone a chance and it was lovely to see winning and taking part celebrated.  It was great to see all the smiley faces and stickers.  Well done and thank you.
  • I would just like to congratulate the school for organising an excellent sports day. Unfortunately I couldn't make the morning session but I did manage to get to see my children taking part in the various afternoon's sporting activities. It was a fantastic idea to hold so many different events, especially allowing the children to pick and choose a subset thus allowing them to play to their strengths and enjoyments. Also as a parent it was great being able to interact with the kids, supporting and encouraging them at close range rather than just being able to see them run the odd race or two from a distance.  I think the evidence as to how good the day was is reflected in the fact that with the format you used this year my daughter took part in seven different events, whereas in a previous year she only took part in one race. I think you should all be congratulated for encouraging and engaging the children to have a go at so many different sports. I look forward to next years and hope it's equally as good.
  • May I ask you to forward our congratulations to our choir directors for the success of last night's concert at the Royal Albert Hall and our heartfelt thanks for the passion and dedication they have put into the project.  We, children, families and friends will remember the evening for years to come.  Obviously the two teachers have not done this in isolation, colleagues must have stepped up to cover and the headteacher must have enabled this in ways we might not be aware of. To all the staff at St Mary's we extend our thanks.  What makes events like this so powerful is that they are done together. 
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