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Mortimer St Mary's C.E. Junior School Believe, Achieve and Together We Can Succeed


As a Church of England school, we work towards standards of behaviour based on the Christian principles of honesty, respect, tolerance, trust, consideration and responsibility. This permeates all aspects of school life.

Our Behaviour Policy provides a framework for the creation of a happy, secure and positive environment in which our children can learn and develop as caring and responsible people. Everyone within the school community has positive contributions to make and all concerned must have high standards, set good examples and apply rules firmly, fairly and consistently.


  • Every child has the right to learn and no child has the right to intentionally disrupt the learning of others.
  • We believe in a positive approach to good behaviour in school.
  • Children will have opportunities to develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour and codes of conduct through collective worship, the teaching of RE, PSHE, class discussion and involvement with the School Council.

Through our behaviour policy we aim to:

  • create a whole school approach to the maintenance of good discipline and behaviour, based on fairness and justice, that is clearly understood and practised by the whole school community;
  • help children to develop self-discipline and a responsibility for their own actions;
  • promote a happy, secure and safe learning environment;
  • develop a positive self-image for all;
  • develop an awareness of the needs and feelings of others;
  • encourage pride and respect for our surroundings ;
  • foster harmonious relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

Anti Bullying Accreditation

In 2013 Mortimer St Mary’s was awarded West Berkshire Council’s Anti Bullying Accreditation “Safe in our Hands”. 

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